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Göttinger Tageblatt

“Rachel Podger lets the music shine - what unity of art and personality!”

“Deeply moving, highly virtuosic and full of joy”

Paul Riley, BBC Music Magazine

“Podger’s Bach has always been special: this is indispensable.”

The Examiner (California)

“Podger had no trouble establishing a chemistry with the PBO musicians to serve as an effective leader. Her own playing reflected an infectiously cheerful spirit, as evident in her body language and facial expressions as in her bowing and fingering. To again cite the later practices of Bach, this was a friendly gathering of colleagues all assembled for the joy of making music. Those of us on audience side were merely eavesdropping on an intimate occasion. Fortunately, the joy of that occasion had no trouble spilling off the edge of the Herbst stage and into the audience space.”

Seen and Heard International

“Podger’s interpretative clarity, her impeccable intonation, her rhythmic certainty, her irresistible (but unhurried) sense of forward momentum and her expressive tone mark her out as one of the great exponents of the baroque violin.”

“Every now and then one wants to say little more than “Wow!” at the end of a concert. This was one such occasion.”

BBC Music Magazine

“Britain's finest period violinist”

Toronto Star on performances with Tafelmusik

“intoxicating combination of power and grace”

“It’s such a cliché to describe a person as a ray of sunshine… Rachel Podger is living proof that clichés are based in reality.”

Sunday Times

“Podgers’ lean, sinewy sound rises out of the ensemble shiningly.”

The Strad

“..full of life and character in her shaping of phrases, vivid but always natural (...) The central Largo reveals Podger's exquisite melodic gifts.”


“Podger is an outstanding interpreter of Bach. (...) Podger and her group create magical music making. The dynamism and insight this artist and group create is simply breathtaking.(...)”


“(…) Podger's own playing is elegant and spirited, with pure tuning and fine, clear tone. It’s to her credit that she encourages her colleagues to play so positively (…)”

International Record Review

“The collective sense of style shown by Podger and her ensemble produces music making of inspiring vitality with light, transparent textures. This is an immensely enjoyable disc!”

Mid West Records

“(...) The winner and still champion of period music is Podger, her violin and her baroque ensemble associates. Making the most of modern recording techniques, this presentation is right in front of you providing the grandest virtual chamber music you can imagine. Up market and classy while still being accessible and classy, Podger is a wondrous player and focal point showing how she earned her stripes one bow swipe at a time. A winning work throughout, this is more than the real deal. Classical tourists as well as classical fans ought to take this to heart.”

Boston Globe

“(…) It features the light, focused sound of Podger’s baroque violin against the background of a period-instrument group consisting of two violins, viola, cello, bass, and harpsichord. Such a small-scale ensemble is nothing new in early-music circles, but the fluid, dynamic playing makes these very familiar pieces work well...”