Projects · Rachel, Jane Rogers, Pieter Wispelwey - trio

A new collaboration with baroque violist Jane Rogers and cellist Pieter Wispelwey, described by Gramophone Magazine as “An outstanding cellist and a really wonderful musician”, sees Rachel examining early Classical works by Haydn and Beethoven as well as dipping into some Bach/ Mozart arrangements. Initially touring in January 2014 and February 2015, this is a rare opportunity to hear this expressive repertoire performed by three historically informed musicians who approach the style with sensitivity, passion and elegance.

Rachel writes of the programme:

Mozart’s enthusiasm for fugues is widely known and highlighted in a letter to his father “I go every Sunday at twelve o’clock to the Baron van Swieten, where nothing is played but Handel and Bach. I am collecting at the moment the fugues of Bach not only of Sebastian, but also of Emanuel and Friedemann.” Both Haydn and Beethoven show us their mastery of chamber music writing in their own inimitable ways; Haydn remaining characteristically light whereas Beethoven shows us the dark sonorous colours of one of his favourite keys, C minor. Contrasting this with the sparkling virtuosic G major trio, Schubert then takes us into the early 19th century with his beautifully charming and melodiously flowing movement.

Haydn: String Trio Op.53 No.1 in G
Schubert: Satz in B flat, D.471
Bach arr. Mozart: Prelude & Fugue No.1 in D minor, K.404a (WTC No. 8)
Bach arr. Mozart: Prelude & Fugue No.3 in F major, K.404a (WTC No.12)
Beethoven: String Trio Op.9 No.3 in C minor


Bach arr. Mozart: Prelude & Fugue No.4 in G minor, K.404a (WTC No. 14)
Bach arr. Mozart: Prelude & Fugue No.5 in F major, BWV 527 (Fugue)
Beethoven: String Trio Op.9 No.1 in G major