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“It’s such a cliché to describe a person as a ray of sunshine… Rachel Podger is living proof that clichés are based in reality.” (Toronto Star on Rachel with Tafelmusik)

Rachel has directed and been a soloist with many of the world’s leading period instrument ensembles and enjoys collaborating with groups and conductors to find programmes that enrich and explore the musicians’ and audiences’ experience. As a soloist her “lean, sinewy sound rises out of the ensemble shiningly.” (The Sunday Times)

Below is a very brief selection of programme ideas but if you would like to engage Rachel as a director or a soloist please contact us to discuss ideas. Aside from Baroque fare, upcoming projects also include performances of the Mozart violin concertos.

The Italian Violin - Concertos for 1, 2 and 4 violins

Corelli: Concerto Grosso Op.6 No.1 in D major
Vivaldi: Violin concerto Op.9 No.6 in A major
Mossi: Concerto for 4 Violins No.4 No.12 in G minor


Vivaldi: Double Violin concerto Op.3 No.8 in A minor
Pergolesi: Violin concerto in B flat major
Locatelli: Concerto for 4 Violins Op.4 No.12 in F major

Bach, Vivaldi and Telemann

Bach: Violin Concerto in E major
Telemann: Concerto for Flute and Recorder in E minor
Vivaldi: Violin Concerto Op.9 No.6 La Cetra (scordatura)


Telemann: Concerto for 3 Violins in F major
Bach: Brandenburg Concerto No.4 in G major


Geminiani: Concerto Grosso Op.5 No.12 in D minor La Follia
Durante: Concerto No.8 in A major La Pazzia


Vivaldi: Concerto No.5 from Concerti Op. 9 La Cetra
Locatelli: Concerto No.6 from Concerti Grossi Op.7 Il Pianto d’ Arianna

All Bach

Bach: Violin Concerto in A minor, BWV 1041
Bach: Harpsichord Concerto in D minor, BWV 1052


Bach: Violin Concerto in G minor, BWV 1056
Bach: Violin Concerto in E major, BWV 1042